Depending on the facts and circumstances and complexity of the case, we will provide you with a detailed report or shorter advice on your requested issue. We can also advise you by telephone. You can ask us questions on a wide range of subjects in the fields of private international and foreign law.

Submitting your request

In order to optimize our services, it is crucial for the IJI to have the right information. If, therefore, your request for advice relates to a pending procedure, you should send us copies of the procedural documents. The same applies to marriage contracts, wills as well as other contracts and instruments. To answer questions involving international aspects of family and succession law, we need the details of the people involved. These include nationality details and dates of any possible changes in nationality, along with the dates and places of marriages, of births, of the executions of wills, and details of domicile and residence and any changes in them.


You can send documents in English, French, German, English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese to us in the original language. Documents in other languages will normally need to be translated. At your request, we can arrange for a translation of reports and other documents into a language of your choice.

Sending your documents

You can send the required information to us by e-mail or post. Our e-mail address for requests for advice is You can also fill in the application form on this website. Information you send us will be treated confidentially by IJI employees. Any information you send us in the website questionnaire will also be uploaded in a secured environment.


Our employees will research your questions and draft advice on the basis of our extensive experience and using our library resources. If necessary, we will contact our foreign network of experts. We will then agree on a date for completing the advice. Our services will be customized to serve your needs.


After carefully studying your legal issue, we will provide our legal advice to you as soon as possible. In principle this will be in the form of a documented report, stating how Dutch and international rules apply to your question, and include a motivated conclusion, substantiated by relevant case law and literature. The solution you receive will therefore be both theoretically well-substantiated and practical. We can also cater for requests for concise advice, or if you do not need to receive all reference material. In other words, we provide a customized response. Our starting point is that all our advice should be objective.

If, however, various opinions on your legal question are possible and you wish one particular opinion to be substantiated, we may also provide this under certain conditions.