Lisette Frohn

Senior Legal Counsel

Lisette Frohn
070 - 346 09 74

Lisette Frohn specialises in the international law of persons, international family and succession law, and the related international procedural law. She gives advice on subjects such as international divorce cases and the consequences of divorce (matrimonial property law, maintenance and parental responsibility), child abduction, the law of descent and succession law. As well as family law she also advises on international contract and bankruptcy law.

She is on the editorial board of several legal journals and publications, while also publishing frequently in her area of expertise. She was a co-author of the "Lay judges in Europe: Research into the participation of laymen in civil and administrative litigation" report, commissioned by the Dutch Council for the Judiciary, as well as the study commissioned by the European Parliament and entitled "A European framework for private international law: current gaps and future perspectives (Study IP/C/JURI/IC/2012-009).”.

In addition she gives a wide range of courses and workshops in the field of international family law.

As the secretary of the Government Committee on Private International Law she was closely involved in codifying private international law in Book 10 of the Dutch Civil Code. She is also a member of the Advisory Committee on Matters Relating to Civil Status and Nationality.