About us


If you are a lawyer struggling with a question on private international law, or need to establish details of foreign substantive or procedural law, you can obviously try and solve the problem yourself. It is much more straightforward, however, to contact the Internationaal Juridisch Instituut (IJI). Our team of experts can collect the information you want in these specialised fields of law. We can provide extensive documented reports or alternatively a shorter advice, telling you exactly how to apply this information in the Dutch jurisdiction. Being an international knowledge centre means we have a wealth of knowledge readily available on foreign law.

Contacting the IJI saves you time, as we have been collecting and building extensive expertise in our knowledge system for decades and also own a well-equipped library. Moreoer, we can also consult our worldwide network of experts on foreign substantive and procedural law. Information you receive from us will be in the form of a documented report or personalized advice. You can then immediately set to work in Dutch legal practice.

International knowledge centre

The IJI is a knowledge centre.  With almost one hundred years of experience (in 2018) we possess a wealth of documentation on a wide range of topics. Our expert practitioners participate in the academic debate through regular publications and by teaching courses and organising conferences. We also regularly cooperate with an extensive international network of legal professionals and renowned institutes such as the T.M.C. Asser Instituut and the Institut Suisse de Droit Comparé in Lausanne, as well as with professors and firms of lawyers in countries such as Turkey and the Philippines.

The IJI is always up-to-date on private international law. This means that we can relieve you of the need to keep a close eye on developments yourself.  With regard to international legal practice, therefore, we are an expert partner for you in the Netherlands.